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#Alphabetical list in chooser: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-35696
#Alphabetical list in chooser: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-35696
#Other metacourse matters: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-32161
#Other metacourse matters: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-32161
===Deleting backups===
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Latest revision as of 08:19, 9 August 2013

June 2013. May be to late for 2.6, but there are a few nice little items I'd love to see some progress on.

Admin: spam deletion

It is difficult to delete spam emails. There are a whole lot of ways this could be sorted.

  1. User filter: Allow filtering by those who are not enrolled as a particular role in any course other than the front page (i.e. site).

Admin: email user when manual account created for someone

Also, similar process when admin manually creates new account for user.

  1. Email sent to user on manual account creation http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-19390
  2. Discussion with code: http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=85333
  3. Docs: https://docs.moodle.org/en/Manual_accounts

Admin: email admin/admin report when user self registers

Teacher: email teacher/teacher report when user self enrols in course

BONUS: email teacher when user first posts in a course forum

Printing in Moodle Book

  1. https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=220147#p960826

Mass delete in a folder

Better file management for bigger files

Delete/Recycle Bin

  1. http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-37139
  2. https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=217794

Drag and drop editor

  1. https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-40172

Clean URL's

  1. https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=133739
  2. http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-28030

Bulk course create

  1. Include bulk course create and remove with Moodle through the use of CSV files

Admin: metacourse matters

  1. Alphabetical list in chooser: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-35696
  2. Other metacourse matters: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-32161

Deleting backups