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In the standard Moodle distribution, all themes are placed in the theme/ directory.

Moodle is flexible and starting with 1.7, moodle will fully support changing the location of themes for use with the theme selector.

Changing theme Location

Starting from Moodle 1.7, the location of themes may be altered, using the variables $CFG->themewww and $CFG->themedir - themes from placed in the specified directory will be able to be selected using the theme selector.

If you wish to place themes in a subdirectory called 'my_moodle_themes', your config.php might look like this:

$CFG->wwwroot   = '';
$CFG->dirroot   = '/var/www/';
$CFG->themewww  = $CFG->wwwroot . '/my_moodle_themes';
$CFG->themedir  = $CFG->dirroot . '/my_moodle_themes';