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#REDIRECT [[Feedback template creator]]
The role of Template creator may be used to allow editing teachers to save [[Feedback]] templates as "public" for use in other courses throughout the Moodle site.
When saving Feedback questions, an administrator sees a box "Public", which, when ticked/checked, will make the template available for other users. Teachers in courses do not see this box; the instructions below explain how to enable it for them.
| [[File:publicfeedbacktemplate.png|thumb|Saving feedback questions as "public"]]
==Creating a new role==
#As an administrator, go to ''Settings > Site administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles'' and click the "Add a new role" button.
#Give the role a name (such as "Template creator", but it can be anything meaningful to you) and assign it to the '''site''' context.
#Filter to see entries connected with "Feedback" and tick to "allow"
#Click the "Create this role" button.
| [[File:setuptemplatecreator.png|thumb|Settings to create this new role (highlighted yellow)]]
==Assigning the role to a teacher==
1. As an administrator, go  to ''Settings > Users > Permissions > Assign system roles''.
2. You should now see your newly created role here.
| [[File:feedbacksystemrole.png|thumb|The new role is now available]]
3. Assign the role to the required course teacher(s)
4. When the teacher returns to their course, they will see the "Public" box in the Feedback templates screen.
[[es:Creador de plantilla]]

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