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anna comments

This article is really cool, though I am seeing an inaccuracy here, for which I am not sure, so I am not editing the article.

In the sites I work the Group and Groupings restrictions can be implemented only in Topic level. Not in activity level. The documentation here says that this restriction is possible for items (activity/resource)...

Should we update, or I am missing something? --User:anna krassa 07:33, 14 Feb 2015 (GTM+2)

sam comments

Thanks for your work on this documentation! I had a look at the page and I have a few minor comments:

1) "It may be hidden from students on the course page by clicking the eye:"

As the eye is the hardest part to understand, it may be worth ensuring this part of the documentation is accurate and complete (because it's the sort of thing people might hit up the documentation for). I'm not a documentation expert so I didn't want to change it directly but here's what the eye icon actually does:

  • If the eye is SHUT then students who do not meet that part of the condition will not see the activity at all.
  • If the eye is OPEN the students who do not meet that part of the condition will see the activity but it will be greyed out and have information about why they can't access it yet.

The shut eye takes precedence. For example, you could have 2 conditions, one based on date (with eye shut) and one based on completing a previous activity (with eye open). That way, the activity will not appear at all until the date; then it will appear but tell you that you need to complete the other activity; then when you complete the other activity you can access it.

For OR and NOT AND type conditions, you only get a single eye icon instead of one for each condition (it doesn't logically make sense if there are multiple ones in those cases).

There is a really good reason for this to be as complicated as it is, honest. :)

2) At present you've left the old documentation and screenshot in there for the section settings. In 2.7 the section interface is the same as the activity interface.

3) I wonder if it is worth mentioning that certain restriction options are not always available. (In other words, whether 'there are loads of buttons on your screenshot but I only have 3' might become an FAQ) depending on whether they make sense for your situation. For example the group/grouping buttons are available but only if you actually have group/groupings in the course (and you haven't turned on the old 'groupmembersonly' option). The activity completion option is only available if you turned on activity completion/progress for the course. Not sure this needs mentioning as may be obvious.

sam marshall (talk) 01:13, 26 April 2014 (WST)

Mary's reply

Thanks! I will act on all these in the next couple of days; I just wanted to get something down there as a beginning. By the way,you are more than welcome to add stuff yourself :) It is a wiki! --Mary Cooch (talk) 03:43, 26 April 2014 (WST)