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[[de:Schlagworte konfigurieren]]
[[de:Schlagworte konfigurieren]]
[[es:Configuraciones de marcas (tags)]]
[[es:Configuraciones de marcas (tags)]]
[[fr:Réglages des tags]]

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Site administration settings

Enable tags functionality

By default, site-wide tags functionality is enabled. If this is not required, tags functionality may be disabled by an administrator by un-checking the usetags box in Site administration > Advanced features.

Tag capabilities

The following capabilities are related to tags:

Note: The above capabilities may only be applied in the system context except for moodle/course:tag.

There is no capability to create tags since tags are created automatically when users tag content. However only users with the capability 'moodle/tag:manage' can create standard tags. Only standard tags are suggested when users tag any content.