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Clicking Scales you will see a list of grading scales being used in the courses with the number of activities each scale is used in, the group a given scale belongs to and Action. Default scales include 1-100 and Separate and Connected ways of knowing. Clicking Add a new scale (above the scale list) you will be able to create a new word-based custom evaluation scale (like “fair,” “excellent,” etc.) that is used as the grading instrument within an activity. To create a custom grading scale you will complete two mandatory and one optional fields.


This is the name of the scale.


This is where you input your scale words. You can have as many as you like, but they need to be separated by commas, and they should be from the lowest level comment (like “Poor”) to the highest level comment (like “Excellent”).


This is an optional field. You may type anything you like here that describes your custom scale.

After filling in the fields, click Save changes. The new scale will now be available within all resources where scales can be applied (Forums, Assignments, Quizzes, Lessons, Journals, Workshops).