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(Testing gallery)
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<pre>something in pre tags</pre>
<pre>something in pre tags</pre>
==First edit in sandbox==
==Testing gallery==
==Testing gallery==

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Test page for docs

Testing email notification


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Test1 Test2

Functions and Examples

Following are the functions that constitute the basic log API for Moodle.

 add_to_log($courseid, $module, $action, $url='', $info='', $cm=0, $user=0)
 get_logs($select, array $params=null, $order='l.time DESC', $limitfrom='', $limitnum='', &$totalcount)
 get_logs_usercourse($userid, $courseid, $coursestart)
 get_logs_userday($userid, $courseid, $daystart)

The basic working of these functions can be categorized in two categories:-

  1. Adding data to logs
  2. Fetching data from logs

Let us take a deeper look into both of these:-

something in pre tags

First edit in sandbox

Testing gallery