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==For Students==
<p class="note">Any volunteers for writing a help text here that could later become part of the standard Moodle documentation and be made accessible to students via a question mark icon on their attempt page?</p>
==For Teachers==
<p class="note">This section needs serious editing.</p>
=== Quiz preview ===
This will show the teacher the quiz the way the student will see it. The only difference from the student view is the question edit link that appears near the question number. In older versions of Moodle this is a number. The edit link brings a popup widow with the question in edit mode view. This makes it convenient for the teacher to correct mistakes in questions straight from the preview page.
The '''quiz preview''' also enables the teacher to try the quiz. In a preview it will say 'Preview check'. Attempting a quiz, the teacher will see their number of attempts at the quiz.  All the questions will have a mark index.  For example, i.e. the number of points gained per the number of points that could be gained for doing a given question. You will find it under the question number.
Like a student view of quiz, there are 3 options to stop a quiz:
# '''Save without submitting''' - which, as its name says, saves the answers without submitting them
# '''Submit page''' (optional) - which submits only a given quiz page
# '''Submit all and finish''' - which saves the whole quiz
No teacher scores are saved, thus previews are not shown in the quiz reports.
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