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Note for Contributors
This page should explain what can be seen on the moodlesite.com/mod/quiz/index.php page
(the page which aggregates all quizzes in a course)

This is the page where you can see all the quiz activities in the course, organized under four headings:

  1. Topic - the number of the block, in which the given quiz appears
  2. Name - the name of the quiz
  3. Quiz closes - the date after which the quiz will be closed
  4. Attempts - if there have been any attempts at the quiz, you will see the text 'View reports for x attempts (y Students)', 'x' being the number of attempts and 'y' the number of students attempting at the quiz. Otherwise, the field will be empty.

Quizzes which are not availble to students are show to teachers in grey.

File:Quiz nav.jpg

File:Quiz page.jpg