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The main menu block can be added to the front page of the site by a site administrator. Resources and activities can then be added to the front page, fot example to create a side menu for your Moodle site.

Selection 037.png

The main menu block as a side menu

It is possible to use the main menu block with Moodle pages to create a side menu for your Moodle site, instead of or as well as the custom menu items at the top of your site. Thus you could have pages "About", "Contact" and so on.

  1. Turn on the editing on the front page
  2. From the "Add block" dropdown, add the main menu block if it is not already present
  3. From "Add an activity or resource" choose Page and add your information.
  4. Repeat for other pages.

When the editing is turned off the menu block appears as in the screenshot below:


Note: If you don't wish to have the pages also appear in the Navigation block then see Block FAQ "How do I get rid of a link Site pages that's appeared in the Navigation block?"