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Note for Contributors
This page should explain what can be seen on the page
(the page which aggregates all forums in a course)

This is the page where you can see all the forum activities in the course. They are divided into two main categories:

  1. General forums (under which you will find the forums concerning the whole course)
  2. Learning forums (the forums of the specific parts of the course: they are organized and numbered according to the course blocks they appear in).

Forums are organized under following headings:

  1. Forum (the name of the forum)
  2. Description
  3. Discussions (the number of discussions started)
  4. Unread posts (the number of posts you have not read yet)
  5. Track (the 'yes/no' information about your choice whether or not track the unread posts - if your choice is negative, you will find an '-' sign instead of the number of the posts unread)
  6. Subscribed (the 'yes/no' information about your choice whether or not get the posts transferred to your mail box)
  7. RSS (the 'RSS' (Really Simple Syndication) button; more information about RSS are to be found here.

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