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There are various plugins for managing course enrolments:

Authorize.net Payment Gateway
External database
Flat file
Internal enrolment (default)
IMS Enterprise (1.6)

Template:Moodle 1.6 Moodle 1.6 supports multi-enrolment, with one plugin set as the default plugin for interactive enrolment.Enrollment.gif

There are two aspects to enrolment plugins:

  • Login-time enrolment lookups. These perform a lookup against an LDAP/AD, database or SIS server. You can have several plugins set to perform login-time lookups.
  • Interactive enrolment. These trigger only when a user tries to join a course -- and may ask for an enrolment key, a a payment via PayPal, Google Checkout, or a credit card gateway.

Unenrolment may be controlled by the following:

  • The longtimenosee variable in Administration >> Configuration >> Variables, which specifies the time limit for which, if students haven't logged in, they are unenrolled from courses.
  • The Enrolment duration in the course settings, which unenrols students after the specified time has elapsed.
  • Enrolment plugins may decide that the enrolment has expired; for example, if it is not present or current in an LDAP, Database or SIS server.

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