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#redirect [[Update profile]]
Most Moodle sites allow users to edit their profile. This is done by using the ''Settings > My profile  settings > Edit profile''. It is also possible for other [[Roles]] to edit a users' profile.
Please see [[Add a new user]] for more information about profile settings.
==See also==
*[[Student tutorials#Your profile]]
*The capabilities [[Capabilities/moodle/user:editprofile|moodle/user:editprofile]], [[Capabilities/moodle/user:editownprofile|moodle/user:editownprofile]] and [[Capabilities/moodle/user:update|moodle/user:update]]
[[ca:Editar Perfil]]
[[es:Editar Información personal]]
[[fr:Modifier mon profil]]
[[de:Nutzerprofil bearbeiten]]

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