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See #1.2 in [[Groups FAQ]]
See #1.2 in [[Groups FAQ]]
==I created a cohort and now I can't find it again!==
If you create a cohort from ''Administration>Site administration>Users>Accounts>Cohorts'' and then assign it to a category, you will not see it listed on that screen. To view or edit it, you need to go to the category page and click the Cohorts link in the Administration block there:
|[[File:categorycohorts.png|The category administration block]]
==Can I synch cohorts with LDAP groups?==
==Can I synch cohorts with LDAP groups?==

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What is the difference between a cohort and a group?

See #1.2 in Groups FAQ

Can I synch cohorts with LDAP groups?

This is not currently available as standard. However, the tracker issue for this - MDL-25011- offers a patch which works on versions up to and including 2.3. It has not yet been tested on 2.4.

Where can I practise with some ready made cohorts?

Log into the Moodle School demo site with username: manager and password: moodle You can access system cohorts from http://school.demo.moodle.net/cohort/index.php

I want to enrol a cohort of students into a category

This is not currently possible. Please see MDL-36951 for the reasoning behind this.