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If you are having problems logging into a Moodle site then you should check a couple of things.

  • Have you typed the Username and Password in correctly, exactly as it was given to you?
    • Example: your name is Chris Smithe, but the username you were given is
      • csmith, not
      • csmithe
  • Is the Caps-Lock key on your keyboard ON?
  • Remember username and password are case sensitive.
    • Moodle is different than
    • moodle or
    • mOOdlE.
  • Has someone with authority issued you a Username and Password?
  • Are cookies turned on in your browser?
  • If you are still having problems you may be able to follow the 'lost password' link in the log on block of the 'send me details via email' button if you are at the login page.

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