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Banner LMB

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The Banner/Luminis Message Broker is a Banner-Moodle integration enrolment module originally developed by Eric Merrill. It can be downloaded from the Modules and Plugins page here: [1]

And is in the Moodle Tracker here: [2]

What it is...

How it works...

Implementation Considerations... Here are a list of considerations when installing and running the Banner/LMB Plugin:

Luminis Message Broker:

  • Firewall port must be open to allow outgoing traffic to the Moodle instance (in case of outsourced Moodle)
  • Does NOT like SSL certificates from certain companies, or which do not have the primary Moodle destination as the first listed domain on the cert.


  • watch out for permissions settings on the directories such as the /enrol/lmb, enrol/lmb/upload/ etc. - when improperly set, the logs did not work, nor the processing of the XML files/folder