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How can I find assignments which have not yet been graded?

To find ungraded submissions for a particular assignment, click on the assignment, then beneath the Grading Summary table, click the View/grade all submissions button. A table that includes a Grade column is displayed. Sort the table rows by clicking on the column title, in this case Grade. Assignment submissions will then be ordered according to their given grade, with ungraded submissions displayed at the top of the column.

Why can't I edit grades for assignment submissions?

If you edit assignment grades directly in the gradebook, an "overridden" flag is set, meaning that the grade can no longer be edited from the Grading summary page.

If required, the flag can be removed by turning editing on in the grader report, then clicking the edit grade icon, unchecking the overridden box and saving the changes.

How can a selected outcome be removed from an assignment?

To remove previously selected outcomes (which appear greyed out on the update assignment page):

  1. Follow the Grades link from the Settings block in the course.
  2. On the Grader report page, select the Categories and items tab.
  3. Locate the assignment for which the outcome is to be removed. The outcome is listed directly below it.
  4. Click the delete icon opposite the outcome.

Can students receive confirmation of submission via email?

There is no way to do this in the standard installation of Moodle. However, students can return to the relevant Assignment and see confirmation in the Assignment's Settings > Assignment Submission.

N.b. it is currently (September 11) possible for students to accidentally make an empty submission and receive possibly misleading confirmation - they do need to check in the Assignment's Settings > Assignment submission that there is a file attached, or that they can otherwise view their submission.

Can I download all submitted assignments at once?

Users with the required permissions (e.g. those with a Teacher role) can access the 'View [n] Submitted Assignments' page, on which there is a link to 'Download All Assignments As A Zip'.

How can I export the rubric levels and criteria along with students' submissions?

There is a tracker entry for this if you'd like to vote! MDL-32089

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