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Hacks, tips and tricks - Peter Evans, Technology Advocate, USQ

In this session, Peter discussed some common ways of tweaking Moodle courses to achieve particular effects.

Ideas for dealing with Moodle's infamous scroll of death
  • Teach students how to show one topic vs. all topics
  • HTML image icon navigation at top
  • Accordion course format (expandable weeks) - contributed module
  • A separate forum for each person (like a stored ticketing system as part of the unit) - why not use dialogue? (gives notification, message can be moved, thread structure can be changed, local admin needed for dialogue install)
Getting people in
  • Enrol guests in individual courses, then group these into meta-courses
  • Establish a forum into which students cannot start new threads. Then start FAQ threads - to "force" them into using existing thread. But note that threads can't be "stickied".
Locally assigned roles
  • Make students a "teacher" (moderator) of a forum
  • Can also display each module etc. according to guest, student, teacher roles
Meeting organisation
  • Set up forum to advertise a meeting time
  • Set up rating scale to indicate "Will attend", "Might attend", "Won't attend" - these ratings are retained