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Zebra 2 is a contributed (third party) theme for Moodle 2 written by Danny (d_wahl) Wahl.

Theme Objectives

There are two main goals in the design of this theme. The first is to provide a responsive layout. This is achieved by using the CSS 3 media queries. The second is to provide simple, yet robust customization of the look and feel. This is achieved by using a custom settings page housing almost 40 settings.

Theme Settings

Zebra provides a variety of theme settings. Below is a list of all the settings broken down into general categories.

Header Settings

Logo URL - logourl

The path to your logo image. Image sources support the following methods:

Default value:


The default value uses the Image Resolver API. The actual location relative to zebra theme folder is: zebra/pix/logo/logo.png

Example values:


Specific rule in core.css:

#page-header {
    background: url([[setting:logourl]]);

Logo image height - logourlheight

The height that the theme allows for the logo in the page-header div.

Default value:


Example values:


Specific rule in core.css:

#page-header {
    min-height: [[setting:logourlheight]];

If you do not have a logo it is recommended to leave this setting at its default value (100px) to leave room of the profile picture in the header (if userpic is enabled).

Alternate text - headeralt

Show user picture - userpic

Technical Details

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