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Background When administrations create a new installation of Moodle they are given the opportunity to register their site on When the registration is approved the site will be reported on The name of the site appears on a country-by-country list.

To accept or reject a site you must have permission to do so. To request permission contact Michael Blake (via or directly at


  1. Go to
  2. Select the button “Check new registrations” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. You be presented with a screen divided into 2 sections. On the left is a listing of unverified sites. On the right are general instructions for verification. Read these instructions, but understand some of this information is out of date.
  4. Click on a site from the list on the left.
  5. You are presented with details of this site. The lower half of the screen shows the actual site (it takes a few seconds for the information to appear.)
  6. Use these guidelines in the verification process:
  • Reject if the url is not valid
  • Reject if it appears to be a temporary or test site.
  • Reject if it appears to have no courses. Courses may have been added since registration, so the info in the upper section may not be reliable, but can be used as an indication.
  • Accept if there are multiple courses and/or users at time of registration.
  1. Enter a very brief reason if rejecting (e.g. can’t find server or no courses).
  2. Administrator will receive notification from you when confirming/rejecting.

There is a button to “confirm as cool” if you find one.

Don't be overly concerned about rejecting a site in error as admins can always re-register.