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So you've got a new Moodle account? What now? This page will help you navigate around a Moodle site as a regular student or teacher. The screencast Finding your way around is a good place to start.

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    Your profile

    You can access your profile from the user menu top right. It's where you see your name and an arrow. Click there (1) to open up the menu (2) Clicking the Profile link will then display other options, such as a list of your courses, any forum and blog entries and a link to edit your profile (3)

    Clicking the Edit profile link will allow you to change certain information such as your correct timezone, add an avatar, description and, optionally, extra contact details. You cannot normally change your username and your admin might have restricted other changes too.

    When you upload an image, it will appear in the user menu by your name and also on your Dashboard page.

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    Your notifications and messages

    Moodle can alert you when you have new messages from your teacher and other participants. You can receive alerts about new forum posts or graded assignments and more.

    You can receive these alerts via email or pop up, and you can control how you receive them from the user menu > Preferences > Messaging. The documentation Messaging gives more detail. If your Moodle admin has set the site up for the mobile app, you can also receive alerts on your mobile phone. See Moodle mobile for more information.

    You can message people from the user menu > Messages. Teachers can also add a Messages block to the course page to make messaging easier.

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    Your courses

    How you find courses on Moodle depends on how the administrator has set up the site.

    Site front page: Some Moodles display all their courses on the front page and students click to enrol themselves into a course. When you are logged in, some site front pages may display only the courses you are enrolled in (to avoid clutter and confusion.)

    Navigation block: The Navigation block has a link to display courses. If you are not yet enrolled in any courses, you will see all available courses. Once you are enrolled in at least one course, you will see that and further courses only.

    Dashboard This is your personal page which you can customise and view your enrolled courses and outstanding tasks. More information in the section below.

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    Your dashboard

    Every user in Moodle has their own dashboard which they can customise. The screencast Dashboard gives a brief introduction to this, and the documentation on Dashboard gives further information.

    You can access your dashboard quickly, from the user menu top right and some Moodle sites redirect you automatically to your dashboard once you are logged in.