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This roadmap collects the best information about upcoming features in Moodle. It is not 100% certain - features may change according to available funding and developers.

Version 1.9 - Expected September 2007

1.9 is currently in beta. See Release Notes

The gradebook system will be revamped for performance, switching from our older "pull" model to a "push" model where all modules will now publish grades as necessary into a central table. Support for (local/state) outcomes/goals/competencies is included!
The new Events API provides a way for any code to "hook" into events in a clean, loosely coupled way. It's the foundation of the new Gradebook. A lot of events in Moodle (such as adding a user or a course) now trigger events that developers can hook into.

Version 2.0 - Expected Mid 2008

(This list is fluid, depending on available resources)


Interface Moodle activities and repositories to help produce portfolios for internal assessment AND external publication. The first Portfolio plugin implemented will be Mahara.
Allowing dependencies and forced paths through the content
Makes it easy for users to find and navigate other systems and external Moodle repositories, leveraging the Moodle Network in various ways.
  • Repository API - Open University,, Humboldt and Warp Networks
Abstract all file operations to an API that allows plugins for different external repositories
  • Old DB install/upgrade system removed
The deprecated system for installing or upgrading database entries used in Moodle < 1.7 will be completely removed, while supporting only the new XML based database scheme introduced in 1.7
Site-wide groups, reusable groups, and assigning activities to groups are the major improvements being developed


Support for importing/exporting LD, converting Moodle activities and sequences of activities into a standard format for sharing, and importing standard sequences into Moodle courses
API for integrating external systems for managing student information
Moodle Voice is a project for embedding VoiceXML support into Moodle Core.
We plan to have a very simple export for any Moodle course into IMS LD format, as a proof of concept and to help the community start learning about IMS LD.