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Setup App In Microsoft

To setup an OAuth 2 client with Microsoft, first we need to login to the Microsoft Application Console and create a new app.

Create new project

Note: If you have previously registered Applications with an older API your Application Console may look different. In this case you should create a new "Converged Application".

Create new project with older APIs enabled

Choose a good name as this is what is shown to users when they are asked to approve the permissions.

Name it

Next you have to add a platform to your application.

Add platform

Choose "Web platform"

Web platform

Uncheck the "Allow Implicit Flow" checkbox and set the callback URL. The callback URL should point to "your Moodle site URL + /admin/oauth2callback.php". If your Moodle site was available at https://lemon.edu/ the callback URL would be https://lemon.edu/admin/oauth2callback.php. It is important that your Moodle site uses https and not http. Microsoft will not allow the callback url if it is not using https.

Platform settings

Make sure the "Microsoft Graph Permissions" section contains the "User.Read" permission.


Set the options for the consent screen.


Save all the details and then generate a new password.

Generate a new password

Enter the password in Moodle as the "Client secret" and the Application ID as the "Client id".

Got it

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