JMeter test plan generator

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The JMeter test plan generator allows you to run performance tests over a Moodle course, it works along with, you can find more info about how to use it in


This tool is for developer use only and should not be used on a live site. It is disabled unless you set the debugging option to DEVELOPER.

Finding the generator tool

The tool can be found in:

  • Web interface
    • The Site Administration block -> Development -> Make JMeter test plan
  • CLI
    • admin/tool/generator/cli/maketestplan.php


cd /moodle/dirroot
php admin/tool/generator/cli/maketestplan.php --size=S --shortname="course_short_name"


  • Course shortname: Shortname of the test plan's target course (required)
  • Size: Size of the test plan to create XS, S, M, L, XL, or XXL options (required)
  • By pass check: Bypasses the developer-mode check (be careful!)
  • Update users password: Updates the target course users password

For more help:

php admin/tool/generator/cli/maketestplan.php --help