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As Moodle gains in maturity, its directions are increasingly influenced by the community of developers and users. A dynamic database of proposed features and their status can be found at moodle.org/bugs. Your contributions in the form of ideas, code, feedback and promotion are all very welcome - see the Developers manual and the community forums for more details. You can also pay to have certain features developed sooner- see moodle.com/development for information and a quote.

Here is the current roadmap of the future, though this is always subject to change depending on sponsors and developers.

Version 1.6

  • Blogs as the main tool for reflective activities (providing user, course and site feeds).
  • Database module, a general purpose tool for collaborative data entry, searching and browsing
  • Integration with LAMS as an activity or course format
  • Some better statistics
  • Incoming email handling
  • Basic Web Services API

Version 1.7

  • My Moodle page providing a customisable overview of all courses, plus RSS feeds and so on.
  • Improved User Profile page, integrating Blogs, feeds etc in a semi-public home page
  • Preliminary support for IMS LD Level A, allowing import and export
  • Full support for SCORM 2004
  • Improved Web Services API
  • Integration with some repositories

Version 2.0

  • Conditional activities, allowing dependencies and forced paths
  • Complete support for IMS LD standard
  • Improved Groups, allowing groups to be defined at site and activity level
  • Improved Roles implementation, allowing custom roles at site, course and activity level
  • Many of the main pages customisable using HTML templates.
  • Some exciting developments in making Moodle more network-aware, with a natural evolution of Moodle's focus on collaboration. More on this here later.