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Note for Contributors
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when adding a forum

When creating or editing a forum activity, you will have to fill in the following data:

Forum name

A short name of the forum (e.g. "Favourite colour"). This will be displayed on the course's homepage.

Forum type

Type the description of the forum activity here. It should contain the question that you want your students to answer. An example of the choice text could be "What is your favourite colour?"

Forum introduction

Can a student post to this forum?

This option allows you to limit the number of participants who can select each particular option.

Once Limits have been enabled, each option can be assigned a limit. When the limit is reached then no-one else can select that option. A limit of zero (0) means that no-one can select that option.

If Limits are disabled then any number of participants can select any of the options.

Force everyone to be subscribed?

This setting allows you to define a time window within which participants are allowed to make a choice.

To set an open-ended close date just set the time very far in the future.

If you don't need this at all then uncheck the box.

Read tracking for this forum?

This setting allows you to choose how the choices will be displayed to the participants: horizontally, or vertically.

Hint: In most cases, if there are only a few choices with little text, they may be positioned horizontally. However, if there are more than 5-6 choices or if the text of the choices is longer than 2-3 words, it should be better to display them vertically.

Maximum attachment size

This setting determines whether (and when) the students will be able to view the results of the choice activity. They may:

  • never see the results of the choice
  • see the results only after they have given the answer themselves
  • see the results only after the closing date of the choice
  • always see the results

Allow posts to be rated?

If the choice results are shown to students, this setting determines whether the results will be anonymous.

Group mode

This sets the group mode of the choice activity to one of the following three:

  • no groups
  • separate groups
  • visible groups

Visible to students

You can hide the activity from students by selecting "Hide" here. It is useful if you wouldn't like to make the activity available immediately.