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*'''Consumer key''' -
*'''Consumer key''' -
*'''Shared secret''' -
*'''Shared secret''' -
*Custom parameters -  
*'''Custom parameters''' -  
*'''Icon URL''' -  
*'''Icon URL''' -  
*'''Secure Icon URL''' -
*'''Secure Icon URL''' -
===Common module settings===
===Common module settings===

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To add an external tool:

  1. As an editing teacher for a course, click "Turn Editing On", and go to the topic or week section in which you want to add the external tool.
  2. From the dropdown menu labeled "Add an activity", select "External tool". This will take you to the external tool settings page titled "Adding a new external tool" page.

External tool administration settings



  • Activity name - give the title you wish the students to see on the course page
  • External tool type -this is how Moodle communicates with the tool provider. If in doubt, leave as default.
  • Launch URL - this is the URL of the external tool you are connecting to.
  • Launch container- this is how the external tool will be displayed.
    • Default -if in doubt; leave as default
    • Embed - the external tool will be embedded in the Moodle course page with blocks and navigation bar
    • Embed without blocks - the external tool will be embedded in the Moodle course page but without blocks
    • New Window - the external tool will open in a new window.

Privacy settings

  • Share launcher's name with the tool
  • Share launcher's email with the tool
  • Accept grades from the tool

Advanced settings

The settings below are revealed by clicking the "show advanced" button

  • Activity description - give a short description here
  • Display description on course page - choose to show the description along with the activity name New feature
    in Moodle 3.5!
  • Display activity name when launched - have this appear when the student clicks the link.
  • Display activity description when launched - have this appear when the student clicks the link.
  • Secure launch URL -
  • Consumer key -
  • Shared secret -
  • Custom parameters -
  • Icon URL -
  • Secure Icon URL -

Common module settings

The Common module settings section appears in many modules besides External tool. It sets Groups interactions levels and the ID number.

Restrict access settings

The Restrict access area becomes visible in Moodle activities and resource settings if Conditional Activities have been enabled.

Site administration settings

An administrator can configure external tools in Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > External tool so that they are available across the site. There are tabs to add an external tool, to view those which are pending and to view those which have been rejected: