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Google's mail servers can be set up as the SMTP server for Moodle. This reduces or eliminates the need for an email service on a server and is especially useful if Google Apps is used by the institution using Moodle.

This will require a hack to the code.

Email settings

Location: Administration > Server > Email

SMTP hosts: NOTE: Leave out the port (:465) in 1.9.2 or lower

SMTP username: Your email address or your own domain if using Google Apps

SMTP password: password for the above email account

Code Modification

On the Moodle site go to /lib/phpmailer/ and modified the following files:


Around line 83 DIRECTLY after the Connect function header, so the next line after the { add:

$host = 'ssl://' . $host;

Code Modification (1.9.2 or lower)

These two additional modifications need to be made in 1.9.2 or lower as the SMTP hosts setting above will not allow the port to be included.


around line 162

  • Change var $Port = 25; to var $Port = 465;


around line 30

  • Change var $SMTP_PORT = 25; to var $SMTP_PORT = 465;

Tips and tricks

  • Some sites may need an additional step to un-comment the php_openssl.dll extension in php.ini.