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Google's gmail can be set up as an email processor for Moodle. This is reduces or eliminates the need for an email service on a server. For example: when Moodle is used to train new developers/staff.

This will require a hack to the code.

Steps in site administration block

In the site administration block>Server>Email settingsfor smtp host use: My email (Use Gmail domains) Password should be set to the above email's .

Steps for code hack

On the Moodle site go to /lib/phpmailer/ and modified the following files:

class.phpmailer.php around line 162

  • Change var$Port =25; to 465

class.phpmailer.smtp around line 30

  • Change var $SMTP_PORT = 25; to 465

class.phpmailer.smtp file around line 83 DIRECTLY after the Fucntion header, so the next line after the { add:

  • $host='ssl://' . $host;


This setup will allow Gmail to work with for example:

Tips and tricks

  • Some sites may need an additional step to Un-comment the php_openssl.dll extension in php.ini.