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*Synchronise legacy grades
*Synchronise legacy grades
*Edit [[Grade calculations|calculation formulas]] for grade categories
[[image:edit_categories_and_items.png|thumb|right|Editing categories and items]]
[[image:edit_categories_and_items.png|thumb|right|Editing categories and items]]

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On this page, teachers and administrators can:

Editing categories and items

Course grade category

The course grade category represents the course as a container for grade categories and grade items. It cannot be deleted or moved, but it can be hidden and locked like other categories and items. When a course is created, this category is automatically created. Its Name value is empty and optional, in which case the category's name is displayed as that of the course it represents. If a name is given manually to this category, that name will be used instead of the course name. See grade categories editing for more information.

Moving categories and items

Moving a grade item

Each grade category and grade item has a little up-and-down icon next to it (apart from the course grade category), which triggers the move action when clicked. The page then changes as shown in the screenshot on the right of this section:

  • The element to be moved is highlighted and the word (Move) appears next to it
  • Rectangular boxes preceded by an arrow appear in places where you can move your selected item or category.
  • You can cancel your action at any time using the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the page

Once you have clicked one of the destination rectangles, your item will appear there instead of its original place. If you moved a category that contained items and/or categories, all its contents will also be moved along with it.

Moving items and categories does not affect individual grades. However, it affects the scores aggregated by categories and, if these categories have special calculation formulas in place, also affects the scores aggregated under the course grade category (course totals).

Synchronise legacy grades