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[[Category:Site administration]]
[[Category:Site administration]]
[[de:URL als Link oder Bild anzeigen]]
[[de:URL als Link oder Bild anzeigen]]
[[es:Filtro para convertir URLs a enlaces]]

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As the name suggests, the 'Convert URLs into links and images' filter converts a URL such as http://moodle.org into a clickable link http://moodle.org. In addition it can replace image URLs with images.

Site administration settings

The 'Convert URLs into links' filter has two settings which may be changed by a site administrator in Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Convert URLs into links and images.

Apply to formats

The filter may be applied to text entered in any/all of the following formats: Moodle auto-format, HTML format, plain text format, Markdown format.

Embed images

By default, the filter replaces image URLs with images, however this feature may be disabled by a site administrator.