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Template:Assignments==Why can't I edit grades for assignment submissions?==

If you edit assignment grades directly in the gradebook in Moodle 1.9, an "overridden" flag is set, meaning that the grade can no longer be edited from the assignment submissions page.

If required, the flag can be removed by turning editing on in the grader report, then clicking the edit grade icon, unchecking the overridden box and saving the changes.

How can a selected outcome be removed from an assignment?

To remove previously selected outcomes (which appear greyed out on the update assignment page):

Deleting the test outcome from the upload file assignment
  1. Follow the Grades link Administration block in the course.
  2. Select edit categories and items from the gradebook dropdown menu at the top-left of the page.
  3. Locate the assignment for which the outcome is to be removed. The outcome is listed directly below it.
  4. Click the delete icon opposite the outcome.

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