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Within the Feedback Module you can create and re-use sets of Feedback questions using the Template tool.

Sie können Vorlagen für Feedbackbögen (Musterbögen) erstellen, die Sie in anderen Feedback-Aktivitäten wiederverwenden können.

Die Verwaltung von Feedback-Vorlagen finden Sie unter dem Reiter Vorlagen.

  • Melden Sie sich als Trainer/in im Kurs an.
  • Klicken Sie eine Feedback-Aktivität an.
  • Klicken Sie auf den Reiter Vorlagen.


Use a template

Previously saved Templates will be listed in this area and can be selected using the dropdown menu.

After selecting a Template, Moodle will display a preview of the Feedback questions contained within the Template and confirm Are you sure you want to use this template?

You will also be required to select one of two options:

Delete old items
Remove any questions/text types previously added to the Feedback Activity you are viewing before importing items from the selected Template
Append new items
Add items stored within the selected template to the current Feedback activity, to any existing questions/text types.

Once you have made your selection click Save changes to copy across the Feedback items or press Cancel to exit from the template copy process.

Save these questions as a new template

After creating a new Feedback activity and populating it with questions, you can save it as a Template for re-use by yourself or others.

When saving a new Template enter a descriptive title in the Name field and choose whether you wish to make this Template available for use by others via the Public tickbox . A Public template may be viewed and re-used by users with appropriate access rights such as administrators and teacher/trainers. When a Public template is used as a basis for a new Feedback, the activity settings and questions within it may be edited by the teacher/trainer, however the original Template remains unchanged.

Delete Template...

To remove a Template you have created or have appropriate permissions to edit, from your Moodle site, use the Delete template... link and click the delete icon next to the corresponding template name.

Export Questions

The Export Questions tool allows you to save the questions/text types within your Feedback Activity in .xml format. Clicking the Export questions link will prompt you to Save or Open this file.

Import Questions

Where you have previously exported and saved questions from a Feedback activity in .xml format, you can reimport them into a new Feedback activity. The Import questions tool is particularly useful where you need to import questions from a different instance of Moodle and the Template tool is not applicable. After clicking on the Import questions link you will be prompted to select one of the following options:

Delete old items
The current questions and all your user's responses will be deleted within the current Feedback activity
Append new items
All old questions and the assigned values will be preserved within the current Feedback activity and the imported questions will be added to the existing questions.

Use the Choose a file button to navigate to the course Files area and upload and/or select the relevant .xml file. Once selected use the Import from this file button to import the questions or use Cancel to return to the Templates general tab.