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Twitter Bootstrap Theme

This page aims to bring together discussions from the themes forum related to the development of a moodle 'base' theme that conforms to the twitter bootstrap coding conventions. There has already been a great deal of work done by inderviduals within the moodle community and it's hoped that by formulising this work we may be able to collaborate and build on this.

technical Approah

Someone with good technical knowledge of how the best way to approach this - please add

Success criteria

  • To have developed a theme that can be used as a base theme, that looks and feels like the default bootsrap interface. (see: examples.

Future developments

  • To make a responsive version
  • Create a library of custom renderers that can be used in themes to make UI changes
  • Add theme settings that allo administrators to change the layout of templates through the theme interface.

Links to discussions in forums: