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[[cs:Profil uživatele]]
[[cs:Profil uživatele]]
[[de:Nutzerprofil ansehen]]
[[de:Nutzerprofil ansehen]]

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The user profile page gathers together all the known information about a particular user.

If you are a teacher, or looking at your own profile, then you will see some extra tabs allowing you to edit the profile settings, or providing detailed report and logs about the activity of that user.

You may also see a link for each course you or the user belongs to. This depends on your privileges. If you are viewing your profile or are an administrator clicking on these links keeps you on the user's profile but alters the breadcrumb menu so you can quickly jump to that course.

There may be buttons at the bottom of the view profile page depending on whose profile you are viewing and what permissions have been set.

Change password
This takes you to a form for changing your password.
This opens the Messaging pop-up. It only shows when viewing your profile.
Send message
This takes you to the Messaging pop-up and opens a messaging session with the user whose profile you were using. It only shows when viewing someone else's profile and if messaging is switched on by the administrator.