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Teachers can do almost anything within a course, including adding or changing the activities and grading students. By default, teachers can also assign a Non-editing teacher role and a student role to other users. (This can be changed. See Changing Teacher Permissions below.)

By default users are not assigned a permanent role of a Teacher, but are only assigned (enrolled) as a teacher to a single class at a time(similarly to the way that students are (manually) enrolled in a class). Teachers are only able to teach in the course(s) that they have been enrolled as teacher. (That can be changed, see below.)

To enroll a user as a teacher of a course, navigate to that course. While in the course, use the Admin menu to go to Administration>Course administration>Users>Enrolled users. In the right pane click on the Enrol users button. From the pop-up Enrol Users box go to the Assign roles drop-down menu and choose Teacher. Click on the Enrolment options menu and choose the Enrolment duration (i.e. 90 days, 180 days, etc.) The default setting is Unlimited. Now choose the user from the list below. If your desired user does not show, user the Search button at the bottom. When you find the user, click on the Enrol button to the right of their name. (You will know that the user has been enrolled as the teacher because the Enrol button is no longer visible.) Now close the Enrol users box.

Changing Teacher Permissions

To change what a teacher can do, go to Administration>Site administration>Users>Permissions>Define roles. In the right pane you will see Manage Roles with a list of user roles. To the right of the teacher description click on the edit icon.

From the Editing role 'Teacher' page you can change what a teach can or cannot do by checking or uncheck the Allow check-boxes under Capability/Permission. Be careful what you allow a teacher to do here. Consider the security vulnerabilities of giving a teacher an inappropriate permission. Only give the teacher permissions that are necessary or appropriate. To the right of many of the Allow check boxes are colored triangles the notify you of possible security warnings for each choice. Use those warnings to help you decide which permissions you will or won't give to your teachers. Remember, whatever permission you give to the Teacher role here will be given to all teachers on the site. (Note, if you want to be able to give a trusted teacher or teachers special permissions, consider adding another Teacher role (i.e. Instructor or whatever other title you want) and assign those permissions to that role. (You can add another role on the Manage Roles page.)

Assigning The Teacher Role

As stated above, by default teachers are not given the role of teacher. However, under some conditions (such as for homeschool parents) you may want to assign a user, or some users, the role of teacher for all the courses in one category, or for all the courses in your whole site without having to enroll as a teacher for each class. If so, you can give that permission on this same Editing role 'Teacher' page, under Role archetype. Under Context types where this role may be assigned check whichever apply.

  • '''Course''': (Default setting-already checked) allows you to enroll a teacher to a specific course.
  • '''Category''': (Allows the user to be a teacher in any course contained in the specific category).If you click on the check-box for Category, it enables a user to each in all the courses in a particular category or multiple categories (depending to which they are assigned). To assign a Teacher to a Category, navigate to that category, then use the Administration menu to Assign roles. (If you are not inside the category the Assign roles menu item will not show.) If you want one Teacher to apply to all the Course Categories, then navigate to every category and Assign roles for each category.
  • '''User''': (Allows the user to be a teacher in any course in any category) If you click on the User checkbox, then you can assign the Teacher role to specific users, which, presumably, enables them to teach in any course. To assign the Teacher role to a user, navigate to a trusted teacher's user account. Then use the menu Administration>Roles>Assign roles relative to this user. Under the page title Assign roles in User:(user name), Click on the listed Teacher role and assign the user, or users, to the teacher role.

Finally, before leaving the Editing role 'Teacher' page, you still must enable the teacher roll. Search for ''View courses without participation'' and click the Allow check-box. This enables the Teacher role. If you don't check it, you won't be able to find the Teacher assign button in any of the menus. If you want to give only some teachers these privileges, you may want to create another Teacher role that gives those permissions only to those trusted teachers who have been assigned that role.

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