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==Teacher overview==
==Teacher overview==
'''Teacher''' is one of the core user [[Assign roles|roles]] in Moodle. The others include [[Administrator]], [[Student]] and [[Guest access|Guest]]. These roles have privileges and control what you can and can't do within particular areas of a Moodle.  In short, an ''Administrator'' can do almost anything and go anywhere, a ''Teacher'' has control over a specifc course within a Moodle and the experience of their learners, and a ''Student'' participates in a course.
The term 'Teacher' can be changed to something else in the course settings or in the site settings.  For example 'Tutor', 'Facilitator', 'Professor' or 'Instructor' might be more appropriate.  The default term is Teacher and is generally used throughout Moodle documentation.
A participant/user is assigned the 'Teacher' role in a specific [[Course| course]]. Being a 'Teacher' in one course does not give you any special privileges in another. For example, you must be specifically added to a course as a 'Teacher', or a 'Student', or be allowed in as a guest to have any access at all.
==Course creator==
==Course creator==

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Teacher overview


Course creator

In later versions of Moodle, the role of teacher has been further defined. There is now a role called "Course creator". This role can create a course, assign Teachers, plus have all the privileges of a Teacher.

Non-editing teacher

There is "non editing teacher" role that would be suitable for a student mentor or course adjuncts.

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