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This article is intended to prepare teachers for the kinds of questions their students may ask about their Moodle courses. The article could also be given to students (either printed, copied electronically or simply linked to) but the conents may need to be modified depending upon the age / ability of the students concerned

Access and Navigation

Why can't I log in?

There could be many reasons but the most probably is you have simply forgotton your password, are trying the wrong one or are entering it incorrectly. Some other things to think about include:

  • Does you username or password contain a mixture of upper and lower case letter? It should be entered exactly
  • Are cookies enabled on your browser

How do I jump between my courses?

  • Course block if it has been added
  • Go back to the homepage and then use the main course block (if it has been added!)

How do I get back to the homepage?

Use the navigation trail at the top left of the page or the button at the very bottom of the course

How to I find course X?

If you are not already enrolled in a course you can search for it by name and description.

Emails and Forums

Why am I not getting any e-mails and others are?

Chances are your email address in your profile is either wrong or disabled. It could also be that you are not subscribed to the forums that are generating emails. Some AOL users may also not receive e-mails.

How can I stop all of these e-mails?

E-mails are an essential part of the way moodle works. They are used to keep you up to date with what is going on. If you wish to reduce the amount of emails you get you could:

  • Edit your profile and change your e-mail settings to digest
  • Unsubscribe from non-essential forums (although they are there for a reason!)
  • Disable your e-mail address in your profile although this is not recomended and may go against in house rules.

Assignments and Grades

Why is there no upload box?

This is either because:

  • The assignment has now closed
  • The assignment is not yet open
  • You already uploaded something and the settings prevent resubmissions

How can I see my recent assignment feedback?

There are many ways you can access their feedback. The most common method is by simplying going to the same place where you uploaded the work. Another common method is to follow the link in the recent activity block (if the teacher has included it on the course) Another method would be to access the grade book and the follow the link for the required assignment. Depending upon how the assignment was set up, you may receive an email when it has been marked with a direct link to the feedback

Why is my course average so low?

Don't panic! The moodle gradebook takes into account unmarked and unsubmitted work. In otherwords you start with zero and as you progress through the course and complete graded activities the percentage will steadily rise


Which button do I press when I have finished a quiz?

The depends upon what you want to do ....