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Google blog search

The Google blog search, despite its name, lists any site with RSS or Atom feeds, which includes all the Moodle forums.

They will soon have a manual submission process but for the time being you need to ping a weblog update service.

Google site maps

Site maps allow you to tell Google exactly what pages you have and when your site changes. You do this by creating a 'sitemap' using a program you can download from them, or alternatively just point them at your RSS feed.

Moodle settings

The opentogoogle variable in Administration >> Configuration >> Variables may be set to 'Yes' to allow Google to enter your site as a Guest. In addition, people coming in to your site via a Google search will automatically be logged in as a Guest. However, people can just read the content from Google's site without ever visiting your site.

Other methods

Of course, the standard stuff applies:

  • Making your content interesting
  • Linking to relevant sites and getting relevant sites to link to you. Moodle donations provide a way of adding a link to your site from
  • Making your site accessible (as Google sees roughly the same things as a blind web surfer with JavaScript turned off)
  • Getting bloggers in your field to talk about your site (this seems to be the current best method)

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