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Scales may be used in Forums, Glossaries (for rating) and Assignments (for grading). Custom scales can be created where you would like to assign non-numerical or non-numerically assigned lettered grades.

  • The interface for creating scales is accessed by clicking the "Scales" link in any course Administration block.
  • Scales may be created for individual courses by Teachers with editing rights or Administrators.
  • Administrators may create site-wide scales by "promoting" a scale created for a course. To achieve this, add a new scale, then use the move down arrow to move the scale from custom scales to standard scales (i.e. site-wide).

Creating a scale

If you choose to Add a new scale from the Scales administration menu, you can create a custom scale for your course.

A recognisable name for your scale that will identify it among other scales.
Define the options for your scale using comma separated options. For example if you would like two options in your scale (complete and incomplete) type: incomplete, complete. You can use as many options here as you require. Other examples could include a four option scale refer, pass, merit, distinction or Excellent, Average, Acceptable, Hesitant (Fail) depending on your curriculum/course needs.
Explain the methodology and/or purpose of this grading scale if necessary.

Using a custom scale

When you create a new graded or rated activity, you should find the name of your scale in the drop-down Grade: option. When you mark the activity you will now be given the options defined in your scale rather than the standard numerical values.

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