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What is the SWF Activity Module?

The SWF Activity Module is a plugin which allows users to deploy Flash learning applications, or any Flash content, in Moodle as an activity. It includes the following advantages:

 * Very easy to use - Doesn't require writing any code.
 * Integrated with Moodle's course file management system.
 * Robust and reliable - Flash embedding is never interfered with by Moodle's filters.
 * Standards compliant - Uses Adobe's recommended Flash embed method (SWFObject).
 * Integrated with Moodle's grade book - Automatically creates grade items when required.
 * Fast, powerful, direct two-way communication between Flash and Moodle's APIs.

See also

FLV Player module for deploying audio and video in Moodle. Supports YouTube.com video and media streaming technologies.

Development:AMF3 AMFPHP Flash Remoting in Moodle (communicating with Moodle via Flash).