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From Moodle 1.9 onwards, teachers may add notes about their students.

The notes page may be accessed via the Notes tab in a user's profile page or the Notes tab on the Participants page.

Note status

A note's status determines who can see the note.

  • Personal - The note will be visible only to you (as the Note author)
  • Course - The note will be visible to other Managers and Teachers in this course (users with notes:view capability in this course)
  • Site - The note will be visible to other Managers and Teachers in all courses (users with notes:view capability in any course) when viewing within a course

Tips and tricks

  • Enable/disable notes: In Moodle 2.0 onwards, Notes may be disabled by unticking the enablenotes checkbox in Site administration > Advanced Features.
  • An Admin, Manager or Teacher may have used the Notes functionality to create private and/or teaching notes regarding a user and changing this user's permissions will give them access to this information
  • Users with this capability set to Allow can edit and delete another user's Note(s)
  • Users can only view Notes that have been created within the same context to which their Role has been assigned (e.g. Site, Course, Personal/User)

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