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Moodle 2.6 brings a lot of exciting new features for teachers, students and administrators. This page highlights a few of the most interesting.

Full details of the release, with technical information, can be found in the Moodle 2.6 Release notes.

For all users

Collapsible TinyMCE editor

The TinyMCE editor has new icons and can be toggled between one and three lines to save space.

26tinymce1.png 26tinymce2.png

Access files from Microsoft Skydrive

Users may now retrieve files from their Skydrive account to use in Moodle courses.


For teachers

Improved edit icons for usability across all screens

To make it easier to edit on mobile devices and tablets, a number of edit icons have been grouped together:


Single activity course format

This new format allows teachers to choose just one activity (any type) which is displayed directly on the course page. (It supercedes the old SCORM course format)

Setting up the Single activity format

Marking workflow and allocation

Teachers can now control visiblity of grades for students until for example they have been reviewed and moderated. Teachers can be allocated to mark individual student assignments and these allocations show up clearly in the gradebook.

Setting marking workflow state when grading
Grading screen showing different markers at different stages of the workflow

Annotate uploaded pdfs in the browser

When students upload assignments as pdfs, the teacher can feedback directly on the file, using stamps, phrases from a comment bank and a variety of annotating tools.

Teacher view allowing pdf annotating
Annotating a student pdf

More detailed feedback for Certainty-based marking in Quizzes

Quizzes using Certainty based marking now provide much improved feedback for the students:

Improved CBM feedback

For managers and administrators

Bulk create courses

It is now possible to bulk create(and delete) courses using a csv file and to set a course template.

Upload courses admin screen
Courses successfully uploaded

Better management of categories and courses

The category management pages have been improved to make them more streamlined and easier to organise.

Managing categories (2 examples)
Selecting and managing one course

Additional name fields

Site administrators can display the names of users with non-Romanised scripts both in their own script and phonetically or using Romanised script:

Example of additional name fields

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