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The Multimedia plugins filter finds URLs that point to multimedia resources in text and replaces them with an appropriate multimedia player.

Supported media formats

  • .mp3 - MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III
  • .swf - Macromedia Flash Format File (Macromedia, Inc.)
  • .mov - QuickTime Video Clip (Apple Computer, Inc.)
  • .wmv - Windows Media File (Microsoft)
  • .mpg - MPEG Animation
  • .avi - Audio Video Interleave File
  • .flv - Flash Video File (Macromedia, Inc.)
  • .ram - RealMedia Metafile (RealNetworks, Inc.)
  • .rpm - RealMedia Player Plug-in (RealNetworks)
  • .rm - RealMedia Streaming Media (Real Networks, Inc.)


Insert the URL of the multimedia resource into your text (which can be the URL of a file in the course files area). When displayed a suitable player will be provided. Moodle detects the media type using the filename extension, so you should ensure that the file contents match the extension correctly.

Required Software

Although Moodle prepares the media files to be played in the browser, the actual playback is handled by various types of browser plug-in software, primarily Adobe Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media Player and Real Player. If users do not have these installed they may be prompted to go and install them by their browser. These pieces of software are generally free, easily installed and widely used so this will only be an issue for small numbers of users.

Settings Page

The settings page is in the administration block. Prior to version 1.7, this can be reach from Configuration->Filters->MultiMedia Plugins. In 1.7 it can be found in the administration block, Modules->Filters -> MultiMedia Plugins.

There is an individual setting to turn on or off each supported media type. Note that by default all but the Flash (.swf) filter are enabled. As Flash files present a theoretical security, risk it is strongly recommended not to allow users to add flash content.

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