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{{Moodle 2.0}}
#redirect [[Administration block]]
Moodle 2.0 has placed all the settings in a block.  What the user sees depends upon context. A site administrator on the front page will see something different than on the home page of a course.  A teacher will see something different than an administrator or a student.
The site administrator will see 3 categories in the setting block on the front page of the site.  A teacher or student will not see as many things. Clicking on any of these expands the menu selection. Here are the areas a submenu links:
==Front page settings==
*Front page settings
**Turn edit on/off
**Edit settings
==My profile settings==
*My profile settings
**Edit profile
**Change password
**Security keys
**Make this my default home page
==Site administration==
*Site administration
**Front page
==See also==
*[[Settings block]]
*[[Course settings block]]

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