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The dock is an area where blocks can be moved to and from this area with the block to dock Block to dock.png and dock to block Dock to block.png icons.

Dock area and dock tool

The dock area with 5 docked blocks and a block with the dock tool

The "docked" blocks appear as vertical tabs along the left margin attached to the page.

Expanded navigation block, showing dock tool

The docked block can expand into a menu with a click on the tab in the dock area. Clicking on the dock icon when a block is in the docked position, will move the block back to its original position.

Effect of using dock

It allows users an option of changing the look of a page on their screen. For example, a student could move all blocks to the dock, creating a 1 column effect.

Dock all blocks docked.png
Dock no blocks docked.png
A student moves all blocks to the dock area - view had 1 column A student un-docks all blocks - now view has 3 columns

Another docking example

Moodle 2 introduced a dock for managing blocks. The dock is on the left and can be accessible to anyone any time on any block including navigation to an HTML block.

To place a block on the dock, click the docking option The block automatically moves to the dock To access the block, use the mouse-over.

Arranging the Order of Docked Blocks

How can I re-arrange the order of the blocks on the dock? The last block you send to the dock is added to the bottom. To re-arrange the order of the blocks, undock all blocks and re-dock the blocks in the order you want them to appear.