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Location: Administration > Courses > Course request

Course_requester_role Enabling course requests results in a "Course request" button appearing for all users on the All courses page. Course requests may then be viewed by an administrator on the Courses pending approval page. This page has to be checked regularly, and, for administrators, there is a "Courses Pending" link to the Courses pending approval page added to the Administration Block.

Course request notification

You can set up email notification of course requests for any/all users who can approve course requests.

By default, all Authenticated Users can make Course requests (after you have enabled it). This is controlled by the capability moodle/course:request (read moodle/course:request for more information about how to restrict this capability to a smaller group of users).

Enable course requests: Yes/No Default: No This allows any user to request a Course if set to yes. This can be modified by changing the value of the capability moodle/course:request for any Role you do NOT want to be able to request a Course.

Default category for course requests: The All Courses page is the default, but you can reset this to any page. You can also make a new category specifically for new courses e.g Category of Course Requests.

Course request notification: Nobody / Everyone who can "Approve Course Creation" / Administrator. These are the people who can receive a notification of a request.

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