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Location: ''Administration > Courses > Course request''
#redirect [[Adding a new course]]
[[Course_requester_role Enabling course requests]] results in a "Course request" button appearing for all users on the All courses page. Course requests may then be viewed by an administrator on the [[Courses pending approval]] page. This page has to be checked regularly, and, for administrators, there is a "Courses Pending" link to the [[Courses pending approval]] page added to the Administration Block. 
==Course request notification==
You can set up email notification of course requests for any/all users who can approve course requests.
By default, all Authenticated Users can make Course requests (after you have enabled it).  This is controlled by the capability [[Capabilities/moodle/course:request|moodle/course:request]] (read [[Capabilities/moodle/course:request|moodle/course:request]] for more information about how to restrict this capability to a smaller group of users).
'''Enable course requests: Yes/No Default: No'''
This allows any user to request a Course if set to yes. This can be modified by changing the value of the capability [[Capabilities/moodle/course:request|moodle/course:request]] for any Role you do NOT want to be able to request a Course.
'''Default category for course requests:''' The '''All Courses''' page is the default, but you can reset this to any page. You can also make a new category specifically for new courses e.g Category of ''Course Requests''.
'''Course request notification: Nobody / Everyone who can "Approve Course Creation" / Administrator.'''
These are the people who can receive a notification of a request.
==See also==
* [[Capabilities/moodle/course:request|moodle/course:request]]
[[fr:Demande de cours]]
[[de:Kurs beantragen]]

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