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Generally, you will not have to worry about course backups, as the primary Moodle administrator will have set a schedule of site wide backups. However, it is good practice to perform a course backup at regular intervals, and to store this backup locally on your computer.

After clicking the Backup link you will see options for specific activities you wish to backup. If you want to back up all the course activities you should choose 'All' above the activities listed. Similarly, if you want to include User Data with each backed-up activity, choose 'All' on the right-hand side of the field.

Below the list of activities you will find five other fields to define:

  • Metacourse - If you are backing up the content of a metacourse, you may enable this option so that that relations between the courses will be exported and the restore process will try to rebuild them in the destination server.
  • Users - Whether you want to backup the content concerning all the registered students in your site, only course students or no students at all.
  • Logs
  • User files - If you enable this option, it will export, for now, user photos (as they are all the files related to one user currently).
  • Course files

After choosing what you want to backup, click on Continue. You will receive a notice with the backup details showing the total number of items within each category/module to be backed up. Scrolling to the bottom and clicking Continue, you will back up your course materials. You should see, again, the backup details followed by a message "Backup completed successfully." Clicking on Continue, you will receive a list of all the backup files in your course. Template:Moodle 1.6 Moodle 1.6 supports granularized backup, in addition to the above features. For example, individual activities may be selected for backup, with an option to include student data for each activity.