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The Certificate module creates PDF certificates/diplomas for students of the course and is completely customizable. You can add borders, watermarks, seals and even show grade information. It was created by David T. Cannon, and currently maintained by Chardelle Bush.

The current version requires Moodle 1.6.


  1. Download and Unpack the Certificate_1.6 zip file in a temporary area, keep the paths
  2. Find the folder that is called "Certificate" in the unpacked area
  3. Copy that folder to your moodle mod folder located for example at yourhost\moodle\mod . This will include folders db,docs and all the subfolders located under pics.
  4. Copy the file called "certificate.php" in the folder called "yourLangfolder" to your language folder, for example yourhost\moodle\lang\en.
  5. Go to your Moodle, open up the administation block, configuration. Moodle knows something has been added and it will proceed to install the certificate plugin module.


The certificate has help buttons with each of these settings: Certificate Type, Border Style, Border Color, Print Watermark, Date Format, Print Cert Number, Print Grade, Print Signature, Print Teacher, Print Seal, Visable to students,and Group mode.

Tips & Tricks

  • Want to indicate specific credits to display for a course? Use the Course ID field to record this information. For example "IS101- CREDIT HOURS 5.0" or simply "5.0 CEUs"

If you are using your own theme you have to put the icon.gif inside a folder called certificate and put in your mod folder image

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